Considering ditching my iphone 3g and getting a galaxy s2?

    As title, everyone seems to rate the galaxy s2 but what is it actually capable of? As in what will it do that my iphone doesn't? Does it just come down to being faster? Are the games good for it? Just need some reasons to justify switching to it. Never used android before either.


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    Also I used skype alot on my iphone, whats it like for the galaxy s2?

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    Any s2 owners?

    reckon android is waaay better myself, but can't really give better reasons than it's less restrictive than apple because wiv apple unless you open it up which screws up the waranty you're stuck just usin apple software.

    I think at the moment they're pretty much on a par in terms of whats on offer, but thats coz the ipones been around longer. Given a bit more time Android will take over and eclipse apple stuff easily.

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    what do you mean open it up? You mean jailbreaking? Thats easy to do and doesn't void the warranty. What do you mean by apple software? lol. I'm more worried about android having not so much apps? Heard the app store is pants?

    ihave a iphone 3gs and the app store has thousands of apps true !! but how many are decent ?? excactly im very close to getting a galaxy s2


    Heard the app store is pants?

    Why don't you go on the android store and look.
    How many apps do you need?

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    I see thanks. At the moment im seeing no point upgrading really. I just want a new toy with some cool features but it doesnt seem like theres much difference?

    The S2 is an awesome phone - I much prefer mine to ds' iphone 4 - bigger screen and I find it clearer too - but then I love Android lol There always seem to be plenty of decent apps on the market - really depends how many you need or can fit on your phone ! It's very fast and had no problems with it all all

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    Hmmm i see, I think I got caught up in the dual core hype and was expecting it to do more than whats being said here :P. I just wanted to be wow'd lol
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