Considering getting a Mac..always used a PC any pros or cons?

    I have been thinking about getting an IMAC for a while a friend has swapped about 6 months ago and loves it. It looks great for photos and general stuff and although i appreciate it will be a learning curve it does seem relatively easy to use.
    Obvious pitfall is the cost but this is not putting me off. I know i could also use our PC lap tops in the house with it and could put all my usual programmes on it.
    As anybody else switched or have any negatives i havent thought of.
    PS Hope i dont start some sort of MAC PC War here.


    have not looked back since switching to mac (owned my first mac in '97).

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    Thanks do you find any incompatability problems with any of your friends who have PC's

    That's exactly what my friend thinks and he is swaying me his way...he is now thinking of getting the mac book as well. He has the 24 inch screen and it looks terrific. He also does a website for our boys football team and says that is much easier as well. Other than the price and the fact i will take a while to learn it at the moment i cant think why i shouldnt jump.

    only MS word (sometimes), msn messenger, publisher - but that is bill gates, stopped upgrading software for Mac customers. but we do equally well with Open Office and Mac's iWork, much nicer layouts and instinctive. msn i switched to Adium which can hold more instant messaging accounts (yahoo, gmail, msn, etc). and publisher is cac anyway.

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    I will speak to my friend about that and see what he does as he probably as the same problems. Very mean of Mr Gates.

    Goofey's Girl;6106431

    Very mean of Mr Gates.

    they both do it


    good luck with the mac

    I got a mac 2 years ago and ive never looked back. Dont make the prices put you off, the hardware and build quality are rock solid!

    If you are a game player stick with the PC. The Mac just doesn't have the range of games available.

    Otherwise it depends a lot on how much you have already invested in software.

    You will find a lot of Mac and PC fanboys but the main thing to remember is that both Macs and PCs are just tools. There is naff all difference in the underlying hardware these days so it comes down to which operating system and applications will best enable you to do the things that you want to do.

    Any chance you could borrow your mate's IMAC for a few days when they go on holiday? A few days playing with it would be better than makingthe jump and then discovering that you haven't got a piece of software that you need, or that you just don't like it.

    I have been a PC user for years but I also know various flavours of Linux and UNIX from work. We bought a Macbook for my wife this year and I tried it out for a couple of weeks. I hated it. After years of being told how Macs are 'just better' and the software doesn't crash, I managed to crash ILife 09 twice in the first week and a the opsys hung on the machine several times. The hardware was more expensive than an equivalent PC and although I did like the consistency between applications I found the top menu structure clumsy and unintuitive. And that awful 1 button mouse is just dumb. The Microsoft mouse works far better.

    On the other hand my wife has taken to the Mac and absolutely loves it. She finds it much easier than the PC. She does also prefer the M$ mouse though.

    It's a shame that the Mac won't talk to our scanner. That's something else to check before you buy - make sure you can get drivers for any printers/scanners that you have. (To be fair, 64bit Windoze sometimes sucks at driver support too).

    We don't really find that there's much in the way of compatibility issues when we send docs back and forth although we do have to be careful about embedding images into Word.

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    If your a gamer....that bit made me laugh.
    Think i will sit at my friends for an evening and have a go.
    My friend has a mouse that is wireless and i didnt like it, it felt very heavy so i tend to agree about that but i could always try a wired one which he tells me just plugs into the keyboard which seems a great idea.
    We may get a new printer with fax at the same time so i will definitely check issues out with that.
    Thanks very much for all your help....i am very tempted to switch and will definitely sit down at one and fiddle around. My friend went down to the main Apple shop in London and spent ages doing that. They were also really helpful and gave him loads of advice without trying to get a sale.

    Apple never again,,,get a PC,,,

    I used to have a mac but tbh I ended up getting bored of it , plus I needed to use data bases and few other applications which the mac os didn't have so I switched back to windows.

    Unless you have a very specific need for a Mac, stick with a Windows PC. And the fact you're even asking the question pretty much says you don't have a very specific need.

    Mac = Awesome!!

    just instal Windows on the Mac and dual boot.
    doing it the other way around (buying PC and dual booting OS) is unreliable and illegal.


    the last person i saw on here who bought a mac was gonna send it back coz he couldnt get ebay to work on it lol

    do you need it specifically for any purpose?


    just instal Windows on the Mac and dual boot.doing it the other way … just instal Windows on the Mac and dual boot.doing it the other way around (buying PC and dual booting OS) is unreliable and illegal.

    Yes, but if you are going to need to run Windows on the Mac anyway you might as well just buy a PC in the first place. ..


    the last person i saw on here who bought a mac was gonna send it back coz … the last person i saw on here who bought a mac was gonna send it back coz he couldnt get ebay to work on it loldo you need it specifically for any purpose?

    LOL I read that thread!

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    Thanks guys...really have to think about this now...good way to stop me buying rubbish of ebay LOL

    No real specific purpose just needing to change my main computer and my friends looks so nice and nice to use. He is over the moon with is.

    He has installed Windows on it and I think Office as well so that all the family can use it.

    Will have to give it alot of thought.

    Thanks for all your comments.:thumbsup:
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