Considering getting gas bbq - advice please

Posted 30th May
My wife loves bbq

we have always used charcoal because “it tastes better than cooking with the grill in the kitchen”

- Does a gas bbq taste the same as charcoal?

- I have read something about smokers and lava rocks -> do they work and can you use them on any gas bbq

- is gas expensive

- where do you store it in winter?

- what would make a £500 - £1000 gas bbq better than a £150 Aldi gas bbq?

thanks in advance for the advice
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Difference In price will be aestestics and also how one will look I'm 5 years time I'd imagine

However if you want cheaper it can look as good if you take care of it , but as most don't then just rebuy cheaper one every few years
£150 Uniflame 4 burner going strong after 5 years.
My best advice...... Stick with the coals rather than getting an outdoor stove

That's just my opinion because I prefer it
If you want one for the long term get one with cast iron burners, as the pressed steel ones will eventually rust through.
Personally I have always owned a gas BBQ with lava rocks. Not sure if they add to the taste but I like to think so lol!
No noticeable difference in taste between charcoal and gas (talking lava rock gas bbq).
Gas easier to use works out cheaper/less waste than charcoal but set up costs more.
Looked at top of the range Weber gas bbq yesterday at 1k+ and noted the piddly warming rack at about the depth of 1 burger - ridiculous. My gas bbq of about 12 years old has 2 deep one's that I can easily cook and keep warm for 20 people.
Had to replace the burner twice in that time at a cost of about £40 and the rack that the coals sit on once (£15).

Nb I have a weber kettle grill too and thats great for slow cooks but gas is the go to.
sorry but gas bbq's are just expensive camping stoves. A charcoal BBq isn't just about better tasting food it's an experience every time you use it, it's a social event lighting it. If you really want to scrape the barrel there is an electric one on the market somewhere.
I’d stick with the coals, sure it takes longer to light and get going but it’s the experience and taste. Cooking on a gas one you might as well stick it in the oven.
I’m in the middle of moving house and totally conflicted. I have always used coals it tastes nicer, gas is just grilling outside and so on... I’m debating a gas BBQ when we move because I know it would get more use because it’s less of a nightmare getting it going. I’ve seen people mention lava rocks does anybody use these on a Gas BBQ
Your a man, light a proper BBQ.
My vote is Gas BBQ with lava rocks,
Gas BBQ all day long. The taste comes from the fats and juices burning on the lava rock or charcoal. Fed up of the acrid smell of lighter fluid wafting across from next door and beyond too.
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I switched from Coal to Gas. Done two BBQ’s and switched back to Coal.
Weber BBQ’s last well mine has been outside for four years and it’s still looking good.
Always used to be a coal guy but wouldn't dream not having a gas BBQ now!
All the taste, no fuss!
I use a char-broil one for last 4 years. Still looks pristine. Cover only goes on over winter no rust etc. Solid grates that when are beyond normal cleaning (of shutting lid turn to max then scrape) get shoved in an oven pride bag.
In my view tastes the same, can also add smoking chips etc if wanted plus side burner for onions etc. Can't remember price but it's a 4+1 sure it was 350-400 ISH?
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced decent gas bbq
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