Considering selling my Xbox 360....what price would I expect to get?

    Just wondering what price im likely to get for it?

    Xbox 360 (non HDMI)
    Memory Card
    Wireless Controller
    AV Lead (Component)
    Power Brick

    Not Banned from Live and has latest Dashboard and High Definition codecs installed and downloaded.

    Ill throw in Pro Evo Soccer 6 too.

    Has had the DVD drive replaced recently (about 3 months ago) and has the latest iXtreme 1.6 firmware installed on it.

    Never had RROD either.


    should be in misc.


    should be in misc.


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    apologies...can someone move to the correct forum?

    by it being a console non hdmi im guessing is a core console, £50-60 at the most just because of age

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    not a core...was a premium one (silver tray cover). But i sold the 20gb HD to help fund a 60gb drive, and will want to keep the 60gb drive for future use.

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    can someone please take of the EXPIRED off this thread please
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