Console for the over 60's

    I'm looking for recommendations for a console and may be some games, may be last generation (PS2, Xbox), for my Dad, who is 67 this year. In the past he was pretty keen on Doom and Duke Nukem 3D and so FPS which are geared more towards to killing and less towards puzzle solving would probably be best.

    This isn't hard core gaming but more to fill some of his moments with a bit of mindless fun, since mum passed away 3 weeks ago.

    Thanks in advance.


    Maybe look to getting an old xbox 1 - pretty good titles r.e shooters and very cheap

    Reason i say that is its got a hard drive meaning if he does play a lot of games the mem card wont fill up

    Games wise
    1. Prince of persia
    2. Splinter cell
    3. Halo ( if hes into that)
    4. Burnout 3 takedown
    5. Red dead revolver ( western)
    6.Doom 3
    7. Indiana Jones - emperors tomb
    8. Simpsons hit and run
    9. Sniper Elite
    10. Pes 4 if he likes footie

    I'd say those kind of games are good for wasting a few hours and havin some fun

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    Original Poster

    Brilliant, I'll take a look.


    Brilliant, I'll take a look.

    Oh and make sure you get an xbox with the small version of the controller ( one on the right)

    We had one of the grannies on the Wii a few weeks ago and she loved it. Very easy to use, though I would not bet on her remembering to charge the remotes! Very simple controls and plenty of games too. Probably more expensive than an old xbox though

    Your dad would love the ps3, you can get lemmings HD which is awesome and then there are a lot of awesome FPS like call of duty, resistance and dont forget you can play classic ps1 games like final doom and duke nukem

    Original Poster

    I've been looking around an the xbox seems like a great solution, about £10 for the console and doom3 + red dead revolver should keep him out of mischief.
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