Console you.......

complete one at a time before you even think of playing another or do you switch between your games and complete several at once???


one at a time for me. I play until done or get bored out of my face. I also wait until games drop out of favour and then pay a decent price. BTW xbox 360 for me.

I usually switch between games but at the moment i've been playing call of duty 4 online most of the time on my 360.

recently got a ps3 so i'm going to play uncharted right through this week

i'm still playing Advance Wars on the DS when i'm in bed every night- well *cough* not every night- am up to 90 hours logged now- but I play different games/consoles during free daytime hours on constant rotation.

nah i play what i feel like, was addicted to mass effect a few months ago stop plaing it for a month because i got really bored of it and now trying to get it done before the arrival of some pretty hot titles plus im on silver so no chance of multiplayer atm

got a 48 hour code if you want one ?

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I am trying to go thru motorstorm on PS3 at the mo, my hubby keeps laughing as i keep getting annoyed with losing lol

I usually play them mixed, but if theres a game i'm engrossed in.. ie. call of duty 4. that gets prioritised.



got a 48 hour code if you want one ?

I'll have it if its free. subsription ran out a month ago and those free code sites promised to email me one but never got it

I played COD4 straight through but usually im torn between say a casual game and a timesome game

e.g atm im playing brain training and pokemon diamond


got a 48 hour code if you want one ?

thanks for the offer but thats fine its like 2 days which isnt really worth it, i wait until army of two is out before i permanantly get back in there

Used to play a lot up till 10 years ago used to be come back from school at 4, watch tv till 5.45 have dinner then from 6-10 play snes/megadrive/PS1/Saturn/Spectrum/C64 then go to bed and at weekends spend my £2 pocket money on renting a game from Blockbuster or Global Video.

After I turned 17 I left home so played less, still got FF8 and 9 on launch day and played them for hours each day until I completed them, but after I was 20 I played less and less, and only played GTA a lot, then when 22 stopped almost completely

Gaming just bores me nowadays, mainly as my collection is so huge I have dozens if not more(not including roms or downloaded games) that before the days of cheap PC's and the internet I had very few games and played games till I completed, restarted, completed restarted etc.

Now I dont go back to a game lol

I should play games one at a time but I switch between them far too often, in some ways I miss the days when I was younger and could only afford very few games so had to play to them to death. That way I really got the best out of them.


Exactly what I said, reason being I had so much fun with the older games(inc PS1 games like Wild Arms and FF7) that after completed I either played again right away, or started another game I already completed then after that another, and on the rare occasion I got a new game I did the same.

depends what game it is, sometimes i can only complete a game and then leave it but with other games (cod4..) you can play and play and play

i tend to doing burnout paradise and COD4 on 360 and my sims and animal crossing on ds


Switch,usually have several on the go.Earlier my son pestered me with Mario Galaxy and I can't be bothered with it lol.

i switch i have 50 360 games only finished about 10

i say that im going to play one at a time, get a couple of hours play on that game, buy a new one, have a "quick go" on that one, end up playing for days them remember i was playing something else, decide to stick to this one, buy a new game and the cycle goes on.

I switch between games, but not very often. I will play a game a few times then switch and play that game a few times.

Although I have just completed the sims without swopping games once. That is unusual for me though

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I want to be able to sit there and complete one straight through but i have never completed a game on a games console that i can remember oh i have...diner dash on DS and also Happy Feet LOL!!!

I really want to do Motorstorm but its fustrating and im finding it harder than other games similar to it. I have other games such as Pirates of The Caribbean, WWE Smackdown, Lost, also just bought Skate from the forums, i really want Ratchet and Clank and COD4 but i dont know if to wait till i completed those games or just go buy them lol

Cant believe i bought 5 games and a blu-ray for a PS3 i have had for 4 days, never normally done that before!

i have 13 on the go atm lol

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God, dont think i could keep that many on the go at once lol

I tend to witch between them unless i am really engrossed in a certain game. COD4 got all my attention when i got it, then Orange Box but now i am just switching.

The problem with this is you forget the controls :giggle: just went back to finish GRAW recently and i have forgotten how to play it, keep hitting the COD4 or Rainbow Six vegas buttons without thinking :giggle:
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