I need some help please... which is the better Wii console or PS3?
    i would like to buy one for my son but i have no idea about them!!
    my son 8 years.... thanks


    the xbox360

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    Many thanks for the quick reply.. are there any good offer around for the xbox360

    you can pick up a used one at blockbusters for around £50. New arcarde ones are around the £80-90 mark.

    if you are looking for the new slim revamped model then I think you can get the 4gb ones for about £125 and the 250gb ones for about £180.

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    thanks for your help


    its a matter of taste, for an 8 year old, i would have thought a wii would be perfect.

    xbox all the way . . .

    xbox all the way . . .

    wii for an 8 yr old

    Xbox is probably more suitable for pre-teen kids as then they won't notice how bad it is in comparison and will be able to play with people of the same age.

    The wii would be your best bet, if your kid was maybe around 10-12 I would've said Xbox.

    For an 8 year old probably the wii, it's probably got more to interest him such as the motion controls, etc. Also alot of the games are more suited to the 8-12 age range I'd say. PS3 is good for above 12 I'd think, it's more suited to serious gaming. Plus it's got a blu ray drive which I don't think would be of great interest to an 8 year old....

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    Many thanks to you all

    Why don't you ask him what he wants ? If he wants a wii and you get him a ps3 he won't appreciate it anyway and visa versa
    ps the wii would be better (or a ds)

    if he wants a wii get him a xbox
    if he wants a xbox get him a wii
    and if he wants a ps3 get him a ds

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    hahaha, that was fuuny, I bought today a wii for him and he was very happy and excited ...
    By the way, my son wants everyday somthing new and he never stops asking me for things, he already has Dsi but.....

    tell him your not made off money

    had all 3 prefer ps3
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