Constant Student Code Requests

    Just thinking... Misc/Ask is getting more and more clogged up with constant code requests (mostly from newly created accounts).
    What I don't get is that there is an 'official' code request thread located here:…900

    It's even a 'HUKD Pick'.

    So why have an official thread, yet allow the constant code requests?

    If the meerkat code requests are pulled if asked outside the 'official' thread, then why not these?

    Does anyone else think the constant spamming of code requests when there is a dedicated thread is tiresome?


    yes and no

    yes please

    I need a student code to comment on this please


    I look at this every so often just to see how it is going. I still don't think we're being flooded with requests. When you review the threads being posted then there are many questions being asked but if these requests bug you then chances are they'll stick out.

    Just looking at the Misc thread, it has received a load of comments so just look at this on the basis that those particular requests meant separate threads weren't created.

    What I do occasionally do is point members to the Misc thread if they post a couple request threads and they've not received a response.

    I'll continue to keep an eye.

    Just copy and paste the link in the begging threads. It's what I do.


    Bloody students

    I have made this sort of request I think 3 times, not knowing there was an official thread given the numerous stand alone requests I had seen scattered everywhere. I got a reply within a few mins each time. I have used the official thread like a good girl tonight, after seeing your post earlier today, and I am waiting patiently 45 mins later.......not that I am complaining. I don't expect the favour. Never hurts to hope someone will be kind enough to help save a few pounds though
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