Consumer advice needed re: Netbook boought from PCWorld.

    A friend of mine bought an Advent Netbook from PCW on a contract with T-Mobile mobile BB. This was supplied with a USB Dongle modem.

    Problem is that the netbook has a built in sim/mobile modem and should therefore be able to go online using the built in modem, however for some reason the netbook will only conect if the USB Modem is used. i.e. the internal modem will recognise the SIM and get a signal on T-Mobile but will not connect!

    He has been back to PCW twice and they have fobed him off (the manager being very very rude and aggressive) and they have said that he should be using the USB Modem and not the onboard one.

    Tell me if i'm wrong but i thought the whole point of a Netbook was to be ultra portable and eliminating the need for a USB modem the whole point.

    Where does he stand with this one?
    Should he be getting in touch with T-Mobile, Advent OR are PCW responsible?
    He has had the netbook for less than 7 days can he cancel the contract?


    Are you sure it actually has a modem installed???

    Very often in laptops/netbooks the sim carrier is in place for onboard modems but the modem itself not installed (a small plug in module that fits within the laptop casing. Its most likely the issue in this case.

    if he bought it in-store the 7 day rule don't apply, only if its faulty can he demand their attention, its not their responsibility to teach him how to use the equipment he has bought.
    Suggest t-mobile as the first point of contact they may simply provide instructions on how to set his network settings in the netbook.
    Tell him next time, make sure he researches items like this BEFORE purchase

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    I would imagine it has, it does register a network signal when the sim is installed plus all the software is on the system, but i'll ring him and get a model no.

    Unlikely it's meant to connect without a dongle.

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    Well I just rang him it's an Advent 4213 and it DOES have a built in Modem. Having spoke to him though it appears the problem is somwhere between the Keyboard and the User's CPU:oops::roll:
    The thing does connect via the Built in Modem BUT he is worried as he has to use the GUI supplied with the dongle to connect whereas before he was able to connect via the Native GUI that is pasrt of the software for the Netbook.
    I told him it don't matter, as long as it connects, thats all that matters. Bloody NOOBS!
    Thanks for your replies though.
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