Consumer Help Required ... I Need Your Thoughts on On-line Grocery Shopping


    I am a marketing student at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and I am currently carrying out research for my dissertation on the motivations behind online grocery shopping and would really appreciate some help.

    With this research, I am interested in finding out the advantages and disadvantages of online grocery shopping according to consumers, and the motivations behind starting up online grocery shopping (for those who have tried it out).

    I would really appreciate it if you could post your thoughts on online grocery shopping - general thoughts, perceived advantages and disadvantages, reasons to start/continue/stop on-line grocery shopping. I will use the findings from this forum to construct a questionnaire which will be posted online in the next month.

    I do ask however that any responses must be made by consumers between the ages of 18 and 65 and I can assure that any views will remain anonymous.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    the main advantage of online shopping is that. no grumpy man or woman counting how many carrier bags they give you. one bag per 100 items which i think tescos policy is.

    main disadvantages of not shopping instore are that you do not get to see nice looking girls bending over to pick up fruits.

    another advantage of shopping online is that, you can compare prices via between the main online retailers, however morrisions and a few others are not covered.

    another advantage of shopping online is that you can get voucher codes sometimes

    another advantag eis that shopping online.. obviously easy, simply and does not take too long

    disadvantage is that online shopping leads to boredom and you mostly tend to end up looking at porn sites because there are few ladies in your room bending over picking up groceries.

    another disadvantage of online shopping is that, when ordering fruits, veg they might not always be the quality, size, shape (bananas, cucumbers) you would have picked up yourself whilst in store.

    the hassle of returning one banana is too much and hence you end up using it even if it does not do a good job.

    Hi Laura!

    First of all good luck with your dissertation! (Did mine last year.)

    I only discovered/used on-line shopping when I was a student as I struggled to find the time to do shopping out and about around my studies/{Party}.

    I used to find it very useful a swell as cheaper sometimes (using this site) just to have it delivered to my house within an allocated time frame without having to spend on petrol or worry about getting there before it closed e.t.c.

    So with that in mind I believe that for some students, Disabled or Elderly people it may be of great help to them.

    However now that I have left University I refuse to use them as;

    * I always used to forget the odd thing until it was too late (you are less likely in store due to walking pass)
    * You cant find all the best deals very easily on-line and sometimes miss the ones you would see instore.
    * similarly as the last you can actually get the special offers instead of been told there out of stock and thus sent dodgy replacements.
    * Dodgy replacements haha!
    *the time restraints on the delivery.
    *The Delivery cost.

    Amongst other things.

    Though in conclusion I think it is a great thing and over time it could be mastered...For example they are looking into doing tighter delivery times.

    I'm sorry I cannot be much more help haha I am very tired

    Hope I have helped a bit, I remember trying to gather research....

    *Hint* Facebook and on-line questionnaires!!


    I buy pretty much all my electricals/clothes/etc on-line, but food I prefer to buy in person...

    - I don't like the fact the price you see on-line isn't always the price you pay. Most companies set purchase prices on the day you shopping is bagged, not the day you place the order.
    - I use printed vouchers extensively, there is no way of using them on-line.
    - I would never buy fresh produce on-line as I don't trust someone else to pick the good stuff for me.
    - Fruit and veg are always way cheaper at the street market down the road, than at the supermarkets.

    There is only really two reasons I can see to shop for groceries on-line and that is to avoid queuing to pay and not having to carry it to the car/into the house.

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    Never tried it.

    It's for lazy bums with £5 to spare who don't care about eating rotten fruit and veg that was due to be thrown out that day anyway.

    Advantages of online shopping for me:

    Easier than dragging two children around a supermarket, you only buy the stuff you want/need (too easy to get sucked into all the offer when you go instore, so online shopping is easier to control the amount of money you spend), and somebody else does the donkey work for you lol!

    Disadvantages for me:

    Quality is not always the best, but I use Tesco and they are 99% of the time brill for me. Sometimes you get missing items, or substitutes which are ridiculous (like smaller sized nappies, receiving pancakes instead of potato cakes etc).

    My wife does the shopping on-line for my mother who lives about 60 miles away from us. Uses Tesco.

    ASDA's CRAP online service is terrible and they over charge all the time, also they exchange items without letting you know for inferior items.

    Tesco awesome customer service, exchange items but are more giving, as they usually refund you the difference for better items 70% of the time.

    I started using them when I was very ill as walking was just painful, but because our Tescos is over 25 miles away the cost of fuel to get there equals that of going there, most of the time the dates they pick are the best and if there is a problem with dates I'm sure they would tell the store to pick better ones.

    I had an order comes late in the snow and I complained to get the delivery back, and they refunded the lot, plus it seems more then was needed as they refunded the cost of the more expensive exchange items also. Spent £75 refunded £87. So have nothing but praise for there customer service atm. Didn't fob me off in the slightest.

    I tend to shop at a variety of shops so that I can buy their special offers eg Farmfoods hovis bread deals and milk deals, tescos, sainsburys and morrison mulit-buys etc.and m and s and waitrose for specific purchases on better quality foods. This makes it cheaper and I get more variety.

    If you buy at one shop online you save time and its easier but when you are instore you can see the 'pickers' justing taking anything off the shelf with no regard for sell-by-dates or quality of fruit, etc. That way, if you shop once a week, a lot of the food will be outofdate before you use it, which is useless. Fresh food such as milk and cheese, esp. ready meals that can't be frozen, will be wasted.

    I think for those who can't get to a range of supermarkets it is better online though.

    We have 2 kids and no car, so if we go to the shop ourselves we're limited to what we can fit in the buggy or carry, so buying heavy or multiple items is very difficult. If we shop online we can have all the heavy, difficult to carry stuff delivered.

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