Consumer law adice please - ineffective warranty repairs ???

    HI guys

    Looking for some definitive info about my legal rights regarding warranty repairs.

    I am sure this is covered by consumer credit laws but not exactly sure which one.

    Briefly, bought a laptop from a business seller on eBay just on a year ago. It was a refurbished laptop but was offered with 12 months return to base warranty.
    After about 8 months it developed a fault with the LCD display (screen flickering) I contacted the seller and was advised to return the laptop to them at my cost and it would be repaired. The repair actually took almost one month and I was not so impressed with the timescale involved.

    Anyway had the laptop back and all was OK. The problem appeared to be fixed, until a few weeks ago when the problem re-occurred. Again I contacted the seller and explained that I was not happy with the re-occurrence of the problem and tat i would have to pay for get another return shipment for the same fault. The seller agreed to repair the laptop again and pay for my return shipping.

    I had the laptop back from the second repair attempt on Friday, however the problem is still evident – not as bad – but still there. In the part the problem has got progressively worse with time so i know this will only deteriorate.

    The laptop is now days out of warranty. So my question is where do I stand if the seller now says the warranty has expired and I now have a near useless laptop?

    From my point of view the laptop was not repaired adequately the second time, so the seller should still be responsible for carrying out an effective repair. Is this correct?

    Any advice of definitive information gratefully received




    i had a simular case with a vacuum cleaner i brough from Apollo2000

    i advise you take a look at this site and give them a call for any advice, they really did help me

    hope you get you case resloved

    I think you should phone consumer direct and ask them - they are professionals.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the info guys - was just trying to pre-empt any negative response from the retailer.

    but the retailer has now called me and offered a perfectly satisfactory solution - so all should work out well !

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