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Posted 14th Jan 2009
I really don't know where the right place is to list this, but I'll try in misc.

I'm a member of It's a market research website where you enter the shopping you've done in a week, like all the dvd's, cd's, clothes, beauty products you buy etc.

In return for doing this you get vouchers for highstreet shops. I get around £10 of vouchers a month from them, in total I''ve had over £200 in Argos voucher (you choose who you want to get the voucehrs with). I then sold the vouchers on here for slightly less than there value.

Anyway, it's really difficult to get membership to consumerpulse, but there now asking us to ask people to join.

The weblink is I'd recommened saying in the last box for comments that you'd like to join consumerpulse, to ensure it's that panel you get invited to.

If your membership goes through you going to love it, cos you get loads of rewards, not like other research panels where you answer loads of surveys and get hardly anything for it, consumerpulse is really rewarding, at least I think it is. Enjoy!
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