Consumer rights, damaged receipt?

    My brother bought a bottle of fragrence for £30 from The Perfume Shop, when he got it home he realised it had leaked all over his bag.

    The problem is the receipt has been soaked in it as well and the alchohol has removed the ink.

    So what are his rights as far as an exchange if the receipt is damaged? He hasn't opened the box and he works in the shopping centre that the shop is in.


    Did he pay by cash ? If not he should be able to prove purchase.

    Any reputable shop will refund him anyway. What did it leak into ? If it was a bag or something it must smell like hell. Take that back as proof.

    I must learn to read..............

    Right, take the perfume back with the receipt (blank) and the bag.
    Ask to see the manager, explain the situation and tell him/her he wants compensation for the bag too and possibly bus fare or whatever.

    Shouldn't be a problem

    was it ladies purfume and did it just leek in the carrier??? this would really pi55 me off

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    He payed cash, but used his Shopping Centre staff discount and this would hopefully be recorded.

    It leaked into a leather Dunlop messenger bag and yes it was a ladies perfume. :-D

    The thing is although he didn't bash it or anything he's worried if it's smashed (hasn't opened box) they may try and fob him off as his fault and refuse exchange, especially with the damaged receipt.

    I think you're just going to have to tell him to be strong, polite and firm usually works well. If he hasn't done anything wrong then he doesn't have to lie and that's where people normally get caught out, by lying.

    Can he not tell by shaking the box gently whether the container has smashed inside the box ?
    It's perfectly reasonable to assume that the container has leaked once inside his bag because it would not have been upright. When transported and on display in the shop it would normally be upright.

    Tell him not to be fobbed off and stand his ground. How old is he ? If he's younger than you can you not help him or perhaps another older family member.

    Are you anywhere near me? I'd do it.. I'm great at having a good old b*tch about stuff :lol: :giggle:


    Are you anywhere near me? I'd do it.. I'm great at having a good old … Are you anywhere near me? I'd do it.. I'm great at having a good old b*tch about stuff :lol: :giggle:

    LOL !..........You Go Girl !!!! :thumbsup: :giggle:

    Original Poster

    He's off trying to get it exchanged now, hopefully it'll be good news.

    Fingers crossed then ! Tell us what happened cos we're nosey !!

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    The minute he walked into the shop they could smell him. :giggle:

    The women behind the counter was more than helpful and changed it on the spot.

    Ah good !

    All's well that ends well then

    Take care OP
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