Posted 3rd Aug 2022
Hi guys and gyals.

A Consumer rights query I could really do with your help on as money is very tight at the moment.

If one of you could kindly help me, that would be really appreciated.

So, my car broke down and the Recovery Firm advised that the alternator was broken. I took it to a local Garage the next day and they replaced the alternator and battery. However, the Garage advised me that an electrical fault was now showing up and I would need to contact an electrical Mechanic to fix this. I have done this and the Electrical Mechanic has advised that there are no faults with my vehicle as such and that the issue is with the alternator. He has advised that an inferior alternator has been used that is incompatible with this vehicle. It cost me £66 for the electrical mechanic to diagnose my vehicle. I have spoken to the Garage and they disagree with the Electrical mechanic but have agreed to put a genuine alternator which is made by my vehicle brand into my car to test the theory.

I stupidly did not pay the Garage on my credit card which I sorely regret now!

So, my questions to you wonderful and knowledgable people are:

What are my rights?

Can I claim the £66 back from anyone?

What if the more expensive alternator works, am I required to pay the difference?

Thank you in advance guys.
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