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    Hey i recently ordered something from a website, the website took the money from my account and i had an order confirmed email. However, just now i saw that 2 days later they then refunded my account the full amount without telling me. So i can only assume my order has been cancelled.

    I remember studying something once where if they have taken money out its legally binding and they can't just refund you and cancel it. They should still hold their side of the agreement up. Its just annoying as i was happy with what i had found.

    Does anyone know about these things?

    Many thanks



    Whatever the legalities, check the Terms & Conditions of the website. The vast majority these days will have clauses which state they can cancel orders at any time.

    if you look on the trading standards website it will tell you that a company does not have to sell you the item

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    ah ok, thanks for that.
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