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Found 30th Aug 2017
Hi guys,

Just looking for a little info (cannot find online easily atm).

Our store allows customers to use a click and collect service and we offer a 14 day refund/exchange policy. However, there are orders that have been here for weeks/months and the amount is piling pretty high!

With the orders surpassing their 14 days from original order date, can we let customers know that they will not be able to refund their order? Or would it be that they have 14 days from collection (pretty sure it's not this)?
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You mean people have bought items to collect and haven't collected them for nearly 14 days? Or have they just reserved them?
Do you have a policy in place to refund/cancel the orders after a certain period, like Tesco Direct and John Lewis?
I would think the 14 day begins once the items been handed over/delivered. Could be wrong.
Yes when it is handed over and they take possession would be the logical answer.…ve/
From when they receive the goods according to this.
Perfect, thanks guys!
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