contact lenses

    hi HUKD, i need a new pair of glasses but would rather go and try contacts instead

    so whats the cheapest way to get them? i need a appointment but what places have a good deal on?

    like a free appointment/ taster if you get lenses through us or something along those lines?






    I use this company…abl

    I get my eye test done at a local opticians, get my perscription then order online.

    Best to ask for a free trial at your local opticians first though

    Tesco are pretty reasonable for lenses too and I think they have free eye tests atm ...


    I 2nd Specsavers!!! I have been round a few & specsavers r the best!!! Good value & more importantly they look after my eyes!!! Top marks!!!

    Go with your optician at first. Getting a prescription and then just ordering lenses off the net is not the right way to go about it, they can potentially damage your eyes and if you aren't going through your optician you'll have no way of knowing. Saving a few quid isn't worth damaging your eye sight, is it?

    Buying off the internet can be worthwhile, but do it after 6 months of use rather than right from the start. Personally I haven't bothered. I just stayed with Specsavers, not that expensive and less hassle all round.

    Original Poster

    satchef, thats the plan!

    been specys today and they looking at £22 a month for some lenses.. defo cheaper online!
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