Contact Lenses


    Anyone know where to get the cheapest contact lenses from? Need them for this Saturday.

    Will only be wearing them once a week or something like that. Only need a months supply, no more.



    If you need them for this weekend be cheeky and go to an optician for a free trial then after the weekend you can look properly for the best deal. I do mine through a local company in Southampton but they are expensive. Sainsbugs are quite cheap though

    I concur, go for the free trial.

    If next time you have a bit more time to plan when you need them get them from They are based in Sweden, [COLOR="Red"]they don't ask for your prescription[/COLOR], there are no customs charges and their prices are cheaper including delivery than all the UK retailers


    Acuvue 1 day 30 day supply = £30.30 delivered at [url][/url]
    Acuvue 1 day 90 day supply = £80.50 delivered at [url][/url]

    Acuvue 1 day 90 day supply = £88.50 delivered at specsaversdirect don't do 30 day supply

    Acuvue 1 day 90 day supply = £90.00 delivered at don't do 30 day supply

    Delivery only takes 4 working days.

    Hope this helps someone out
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