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    Hey all,

    Looking to give contact lenses a try- dont think ill be wearing them loads - just for sport etc - anyone know the best deal atm on daily disposables - i looked @ specsavers and they want 60 quid - but i dont want 90 pairs lol


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    sorry - thought i was in deal requests

    obviously i need to pay more attention - thanks for moving

    I get mine from Good prices and quick delivery, never had any problems. Quidco can be applied as well (a good 20%) plus delivery is free when you re-order.

    I wouldn't recommend Visiondirect at all. They may be cheap and you get quidco which is why I initially went to them. However I ordered end of March. I still haven't got them. I enquired and they said in June. I have just contacted them and they said maybe July oh and by the way we have cancelled your order!!!! Cheap but rubbish!

    ^Completely opposite for me.

    Ordered last Wednesday evening, arrived Saturday morning. Quality service!

    Catrina - Were the contact lenses you ordered not a popular brand? - this could be reason why you had problems?

    I think are one of the most efficient internet retailers out there.

    My wife ordered 3 months acuvue moist lenses last monday and they were delivered by last wednesday. Quality, quality, quality.

    When you re-order delivery is free (if you select 'remind me' option) and they send them recorded delivery to you! Can't ask for anymore.

    Plus, 20% (excluding tax and delivery) discount through quidco and they pay you really quickly.

    For every 1 complaint there must be 100 satisfied customers (at least).

    P.S. You will need to fax them a copy of your contact lense prescription to a FREE TO USE fax number or send copy to a FREEPOST address after ordering.

    I am purely telling you of my experience! They were Air Optix which are not an unusual brand. The customer service was appalling. I suppose with everything, when things go right, things are fine but when things go wrong they really go wrong!!!!!
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