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Found 25th Jun 2007

Does anyone order their contact lenses online? Where are you buying them and what price?

Also do the different brands have different comfort levels? Ie is one more comfotable than an other.

I am looking for daily disposables.

thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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My cousin gets from ASDA

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Edi, could you ask him which ones he uses and ask him why please.

I am looking for something really comfortable and i am not sure if different brands make a difference.

Good Prices though. about £3 + more expensive than other sites I have looked at but at least I know a company like ASDA should be reliable.
I've used daysoft before. Cheapest I could find and seemed pretty comfortable. Haven't ordered any from them for over a year because I tend to wear glasses but I think I'll order pack for when I'm going out and stuff.

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Thanks Steve I will take a look.
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