contact lenses - how easy are they to use?

    just bought some new glasses but always feel a little self concious wearing them in public. So, been thinking about contact lenses but I dunno if I would be able to put them in and out of my eyes! Are they easy to use and after the shock of trying them in for the first time, do you get used to them?

    Also, where's the best place to get em with a free trial? I got my glasses from optical express but they said it would cost me £20 to go in and try them with someone showing me how to get em in and out!


    I've been using contact lenses for about 5 years now and haven't had any problems. Once you get used to putting them in/taking them out it's a piece of cake. Having said that it isn't as easy if you're tired but once they're in it's fine. I got mine through Dolland and Atchison (sp?!) and got a free trial and contact lense lesson. I don't know if it's the same now but might be worth trying there.

    it's easier than you think really worth a trial then you can buy them cheap online try specsavers for a trial they used to do one free

    I'm not sure about free trial periods, but if you can get a prescription, you can buy lenses online from various stores at extremely low prices. The mark-up for eye correction in this country is absurd. If you've seen Sicko, you'll know what the mark-ups are like for the yanks when it comes to medical stuff. It's the same for us Brits when it comes to eye correction. So google around, and you can get yourself a supply of lenses for very little money.

    very easy

    once you get the hang of it you never look back :-D

    did you see what i just did there lol

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    feel a bit squeamish about putting something onto my eyeball, but I think it would be worth a try

    I've had them for more than 3 years now and I really struggle with them. I only wear them occasionally, thank God, but I just can't get them in. Probably takes me about 10-20 mins to get them in and even then they drive me crackers nd can feel them. Go for free trial at Specsavers and then you have nothing to pay and you can try them out.
    I'm going to get mine lasered in January I think, can't cope with lenses.

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    my god, sounds awful! thats what puts me off!

    yep the nails are tough i had some false nails for a party and hubby coulsnt get my lenses out had to chop thr nails lol


    piece a **** really mate

    whats your nearest asda?

    they do free test. free fitting etc

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    parkhead, theres a specsavers there too. Ive got my prescription so will go down at the weekend and see whats on offer

    I've been wearing them for 21 years now - very good and easy to use but agree if you're tired can take a couple if attempts. Don't bin the glasses completely though as your optician will/should advise you to give your eyes a rest. I wear mine from 7am till 11pm every day and I keep getting told off! Also, I did have a bad eye infection last year and didn't wear the lenses for a month so always keep glasses handy!

    But would def recommend to give it a go and donlt be out off if you don't get the hang of it immediately - it will become easier!


    But would def recommend to give it a go and donlt be out off if you don't … But would def recommend to give it a go and donlt be out off if you don't get the hang of it immediately - it will become easier!

    Lol, kept getting told that it would get easier but I think I'm getting worse! Might be because I don't wear them very often though :whistling:

    I've been wearing contact lenses for 14 years now. I don't have any problem with them. I had a little difficulty with putting them in at first but it's second nature now. I've got long nails but have never scratched my eyes- I've managed to slit my lenses in half before though, but not while I was wearing them.
    I get contact lenses by post with D&A, but obviously have to go into store for check ups. I originally had monthly lenses but now have daily, but found the build up became uncomfortable and accidentally forgot to neutralise them a couple of times- ouch! Tried other places (including a major supermarket- not ASDA) but have never received the same quality service.


    Im assuming your male...therefor you wont have long nails..thats why I … Im assuming your male...therefor you wont have long nails..thats why I keep scratching my eyes.....:lol: it is horrible and its worse when the lenses stick to your eye and you cant get them out..( am i putting you off yet??)But...again..I'd rather all that..than wear glasses in public.....:oops:

    I tried contact lenses years ago after realising that I needed glasses or something to stop me smiling at all the wrong people When I first got contact lenses I was bowled over as it was sometimes difficult to put them in but I loved the sense of freedom it gave me.

    BUT one got stuck to the lens of my eye. I was not aware that I was prone to dry eyes. It caused scarring on the lens of the eye and had to be removed by the eye hospital. I was told I was lucky to escape serious injury. Some people are prone to dry eyes and can be prone to this. Discuss with your optician.
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