Contact lenses in hand luggage?

Are you allowed to take contact lenses that are sealed in the little capsules in hand luggage. Going away in a few days and just wanted to check as information is a bit sketchy! Would be taking 5 for each eye disposables

Cheers in advance


yup, I have never had any problems.

as long as you don't stick a gun with it

No problem at all, you can take liquids up to 100 mls in your hand luggage (max 100 mls bottles, so you couldn't take a half used 125 mls bottle as that's over the bottle size allowance even though the contents are below 100 mls), you will need one of the airport approved plastic bags to pop your liquids into - including things like mascara, lip gloss, toothpaste etc - and you put it in the boxes for xray when going through security.
Have a lovely holiday.

I always wear my specs on the plane & put my contact lens stuff into my suitcase. It's pain but I can't be bothered with the mither of what/what not can't go into my hand luggage!!

yes, just advise the flight crew
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