Contact Lenses - Which Brand is the best?

    Started wearing contact lenses 6 weeks ago (1 Air Optix Aqua and 1 Air Optix Toric lense).

    At first they were murder, everytime i went indoors i got blurred vision, so used eye drops for a few weeks and slowly but surely things have improved but....

    Still getting the occasional blurred vision and sore eyes if i go into somewhere warm like a pub or go to a concert...etc
    And by the end of the month the contacts feel really gritty and uncomfortable.

    Switching tomorrow to Acuvue Advance (with hydraclear) to try for a couple of weeks.

    Ive read online that they have a 'higher water content' so hopefully this is what i need.

    Anyone else use these?

    What brand do you use or recommend?


    Daysoft FTW!!

    Although not for you if you wear torics I'm afraid.


    Daysoft FTW!! not for you if you … Daysoft FTW!! not for you if you wear torics I'm afraid.

    Deffo Daysoft.. worn lenses for nearly 30 years and they are, BY FAR, the cheapest and most comfortable lenses I have ever tried. Wear them for a day and then chuck them. x
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