contact number for myHermes?

Does anybody know a number to speak to a person at myHermes please?

I entered wrong delivery address into my Boots order and Boots can't change it without cancelling whole order grrr

MyHernes website seems like a minefield going around in circles plus I'm on my phone.


When I had an issue, they said they wouldn't talk to me as I was the recipient and they could only deal with the sender as that's who the contract was with.
Sorry OP, but it'd be down to Boots to deal with it which probably means the cancelling option


theres a few numbers on google
0871 246 1583
08435 070 432
0843 5040 526

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I had same thing once with North Face delivery, can't remember the courier though. They had to reject delivery the first time then I could the address, a bit of a palava but worked
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