Contacting BT }:O(

    :x Just changed over to BT and have spent three days trying to get through been on the phone for three hours this morning because the phone i ordered has not arrived, i was passed from department to department one csp even put the phone down on me ......:x For anyone thinking of changing my advise is [U don't i tried to cancel and was told it would cost me 70 quid so am now stuck with them for 12 months the product might be ok but if you have a problem be prepared to be on the phone to them for a very very long time before you can get it resolved:whistling:


    If it was only 3 days ago that you changed then you should be able to cancel within 14 days cooling off period for no fee other than the costs to install the line.

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    [SIZE=2]No the phone line was conected on the 26th of july ....mmmmm so they told me another fib well i would call them but as i would have no chance of talking to "someone with the system needed to deal with my problem" i won't bother god feel even more peeved now :x [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Emailed them requesting to cancel while i was on hold so maybe a chance that i could still cancel.[/SIZE]

    what phone did you order? A hub phone, a dect phone?

    Do you mean you changed suppliers i.e Talk Talk to BT or completley i.e Virgin.

    As normally if a customer is a regular connection its only a 3 month contact.

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    It was just a phone :0)~~~ and i'm sure they said twelve months, but so far there service has been Pooh so i would believe it's only 3 months:x hopefully they respond to my email because there is no way i am phoning again it drove me crazy:prop:

    I doubt a buying a phone is gonna commit you to a contract. Dabs is a BT company and If you buy anything from them it doesn't tie you into a new contract.

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    No i change from the post office to bt and brought a phone from them at the same time i called today to find out were the phone was as i have been connected since the 26th July but the customer care was pooh
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