i recently recieved two james bond special edition suitcases but upon opening them i found there to be no certificate of authenticity and i want to contact them and find out why. looked on their site and cant find anyway to contact them!!!!

    can anyone help?


    Very bottom of the site:
    0845 800 1020

    Beware the usual response of "tough poo"

    or email [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] - though play don't do their own customer service, it's all outsourced, and chances are you'll end up talking to a moron with no idea about consumer rights.
    you might want to skip several emails and address it to their customer care manager
    Mike Schofield.


    Beware the usual response of "tough poo" have always been ace with me, sorted any problems i've had straight away with no fuss at all.

    Plus their all irish so they all sound really cool:w00t:

    I opened a gameboy advanced game to find no game, called them and was told there was nothing they could do about it - hope that you get a better response


    I Have had nothing but nice experiences with support.....

    Geographical number from

    028 90921724

    Also: 01534 877595 (this is more expensive than 028 for BT & some other users as it is for Channel Islands)

    Fax: 01534 631580

    As edi says use the 028 90921724 number, i did and i got straight through and sorted within 2 minutes and also got returned postage paid back to me,although mine was an item that became faulty after about 7 months.
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