contacts on iphone to outlook?

    Totally fed up couple of weeks with my iphone and contacts in outlook.
    To cut a long story short i keep losing my contacts off my iphone.
    I wanted to send contacts from iphone to outlook by syncing but it doesnt seem to work. Think it may only work the other way around.
    Tried this morning and lost nearly everything. Luckily a few weeks ago when i had a similar problem i printed all contacts off so i do have a copy.
    Can someone answer this for me.
    If i put all the contacts i want into my outlook address book so everything is in the address book and then delete everything left on my iphone which is all over the place. When i next connect to itunes will the address book be transferred over to the iphone.
    Secondly when everything is then synced in the future when i add a few contacts onto my iphone will it transfer those few things over to the address book.
    I never add contacts on my address book as i use my iphone more than my laptop which seems to be causing the problem. I would imagine most people do it via their phone so dont really understand why it wont do it.
    Hope someone can understand my ramblings.
    Thanks in advance.


    Hello Goofeys Girl,

    I hear you and your pain with the contact sync issue. I believe on my mac under ITunes there is an option not to sync address book. I guess it is the same for Windows.

    If you are syncing your contacts with an Exchange hosted mailbox (business class email) then the optionon your iPhone is to go to
    Settings : mail contacts and calendars : select the email account and I believe uncheck contact sync.

    I this helps

    Original Poster

    Thanks indigobox. It was an absolute nightmare. In the end I spent an evening getting my contacts up to date on my laptop and since then I havent had a problem. It seems to be it can handle a couple of new ones on my iphone but not a bigger bunch. Googling this seems to be a problem for people like me who use the phone to put contacts on rather than the laptop. I will take a look at what you have said and really appreciate you answering this.
    I have also got an app now called something like memova which takes all my contacts off my phone and just lists them in case this happens again.
    Have a lovely weekend.
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