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I'm letting my daughter move to a barracks in Cyprus with her mum and siblings for 2 years. she said she's going to draw up a contract apparently with things like she will be back twice a year and we are allowed accommodation over there twice a year. she asked me is there anything she wants me to add.
is there anything I should think about putting in it? thanks for any help


Are you sure you have posted this on the right website - It looks like a family law issue, so perhaps you would be better off asking the question on rather than HUKD?
Cyprus is a nice island (I served there with the Army, and subsequently bought a house there) and everything is available just the same as in UK - but I'm guessing this question is not about material things, it is probably about contact with your daughter (I'm guessing her mother is in the Army or RAF).
The BFPO mail system is really good, internet is easily available via CyTA (or there may be a deal with BFBS for service families), flights are cheap (the indulgence system is available, but too unpredicatable to be of any real use), hotels, appartments and car hire are all pretty cheap (particularly outside the holiday season) - which all means it is quite easy to keep in touch via Skype, email, mail, visits &c. I suppose you could write this things in a contract (I'm guessing you mean a contract with your daughter's mother?).
I don't know whether any of that has been of any use, perhaps I've misunderstood the question? By all means send me a personal message if it would help (I have lots of experience with the military, Cyprus and family arrangements).
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It's not so much about what you put in it, it's enforcing it that will be a problem.
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