contract deal plz with unlimited internet

    looking for a pay monthly deal fpr mobile phones, upto £10 or 15 a month, fair minutes an texts but with unlimited internet

    need it from mainly iphone, i know theres a o2 sim with £10 credit which gives you unlimited internet for a year, and i can get those for £35, if anyone knowsw cheaper places, plz inform me

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    Do you really need unlimited internet i.e. without any limits? T-Mobile have 1GB fair use with £10 and £15 30 day contracts (100 mins/100 texts or 350 mins/300 texts respectively).…ly/

    Fair-use terms includes: "Remember that you can only use internet on your phone in the UK and you can’t use your phone as a modem or use internet on your phone for peer to peer file sharing, instant messaging or making internet phone calls."
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