contract ending soon what do i do?stay or go?

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Found 6th Apr 2009
hi people
my contract is ending on 12th april, im on o2 and been with them for some time but they told me they cant do anything till then.i do want 12m if poss.

i dont really want a 18m but if the phone or deal good i dont mind that much. i have a n95 which is ok for me so a phone isnt a must but been looking for a mobile plus laptop deal but unsure,
what is the best deal out there?
maybe good phone on good price plan, and sell n95? for laptop.
maybe looking for



or [url]www.onecompare.com[/url]

But if i were you, i'd find a deal with what you're willing to pay(ish) and then ring up o2 and ask to be put through to cancellations, they have the power to give you a great deal to stay with o2.
Bare in mind though that if you want the iphone, they probably won't give you a deal as you can't get it elsewhere.....
Maybe look in to the sony ericsson xperia X1... its a smart phone and on o2 so you can get a deal on that.

Hope that helps

They are giving you a load of bull.
In most cases you need to give them 30 days notice on cancellation.
Call customer services and take the cancellations option, you will be put through to retentions where you will be offered a new contract.

im in the process of doing it with Orange, Been offered 1000 mins, unlimited text + data for 19.58 pm (18 months) with a touch HD (i have to pay a bit extra for it)

The phone + Laptop deals are Trash, Avoid them like the plague. If you are not bothered about a new phone then your best bet is to go onto their simplicity plas whic can either be 30 days if you wanted shorter, or a 12 month which would suit you and they start around 15 a month i think.

Im with O2 n i get 1200 mins, unlimited texts and free weekend calls from midnight fri to midnight sunday to all mobiles etc on a 30 day rolling contract for £30 altho there might be better deals now as i've had it 4 a little while.
I know t-mobile were doing a deal with i think 1400 minutes and unlimited texts for the same price if that helps.
Both these deals come without phones (sim only).

Hi,i went thro' retention last week and got a cracking deal!!
£35 per month 600mins 1000text and unlimited data online contract.
sony ericsson C905 handset with 8gb card
18month contract
As i had been with them for at least 8yrs and had a monthly contract with them paying £25p/m.
I got the above for £20 p/m 18month contract and the phone was free.
What i did before i phoned up was checked out what others were offering eg vodaphone etc.
Firstly i went thro' o2 upgrades and they put me thro to retentions and told them i was getting a gd deal with t mobile as they were doing the phone for free.the girl at retentions checked my account them offered me the above deal .i couldn't beleive how easy it was .i didn't have to haggle she offered me the deal as she wanted me to stay with o2.and the phone was delivered next day.ps its cracking phone.
Good luck
forgot to say i think they only do 18 or 24 month contract now,unless u go for sim only

Yea, Further to my post above mention that you are interested in the G1 and that you know its a T-Mobile exclusive. they they will do their best to offer you a good phone.

Original Poster

thanks fr all the info,
i want a phon which has, wifi or free internet, gps for sat nav n95 8g is still alot on o2 i have n95 silver and think its not a bad phone but there a lot of new ones out now eg looking at 5800 nokia and blackberry but unsure what to do?

try mobiles.co.uk[ - they have really good deals. If you go via the quidco.com cashback site, you will get an extra £40 cashback


sony c905 stats above,it seems to have what ur looking for.
hope it's of help to u
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