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    I got a contract with tmobile for a blackberry bold 9700. I want to sell the phone and get something else.. Could i change my contract phone? or change the contract but remain with tmobile?


    Not 100% sure what you are trying to say but you can do what you want with the phone, but you are still tied in with the contract.

    Oh ..... if you mean can you swap the phone for a different one? I'm with Orange but originally went through phones 4u to get my contract. If i upgrade over the phone directly through Orange i have 7 days to swap the phone if i don't like it. If i go into a phones4U shop i'm stuck with my choice. Hope that makes sense.

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    I got it online through
    its on tmobile can i ring them up to change the phone? i think im in my first or second month of contract
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    I doubt it then unless it's faulty. Have a read through their terms and conditions. You could try ringing them i suppose, it won't do any harm. I don't know what their customer service is like but you might get lucky. It would be better to keep a customer happy and bound to a contract...but hey what do i know lol i don't work in marketing. Failing that you could always list on here as a swap or sell it, it's yours to do what you want with.

    They won't change the phone if your 1 or 2 months in. The cost of the phone is covered by the plan price, until you've completed your minimum term you've no chance at all.

    Your best bet is to sell the BB and buy a sim free.

    Also, the Blackberry data plan you have on you're acc to let it work, won't work with any other kind of phone, bear that in mind as well. . .
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