Contract Hire BMW 5 series 310+VAT is that good value?


    I have thought of buying a seond hand car but reackon that if I really accounted for depreciation (at least 3K/yr) I am better off getting a contract hire car. After much searching I have got a BMW 520d se with auto & metallic for 360 (310+VAT) per month plus 3 upfront payments as a deposit. 6 thour sand miles per yr for two years

    Does anyone have any views on this?

    Last month audi has a sub 300ukp deal but i missed it.
    3 series not much cheaper and too small anyway.

    Any other ideas for a prestige car? Auto is essential (for wife to be happy)

    I looked a possibel Cherokee jeep less than 300 but offer seems to have gone

    Advice sought pls from you experts


    Personally I think that 6 thousand miles is very limited. They'll make up the money on the extra mileage.

    Think the average is dobule that

    Unless you are putitng the vehicle through your business then forget contract hire. You are tied into the agreement for the term and if you wish to change before then it will be a hefty penalty. You will also get charged at least 5p per mile if you go over the allowance.

    In my opinion I would recommend a lease purchase deal. It's a lot more flexible and you don't pay VAT.

    You could always check out ]http//ww…om/

    why a 520D SE auto? A petrol will becheaper if your missus isn't doing the mileage although a disel will have a better residual value.

    Welcome to the forums Devils Advocate, and thanks for helping out

    I'm probably a bit late with this, but Audi are offering the A6 2.0 TDI SE saloon for £299.99 (plud VAT) on a 2 year 10,000 mile contract hire deal for orders placed up to 30 June 2007.

    New e60 engines are 170bhp ish and its a great car. But with that mileage why not go for an E39 530 petrol or derv and you would still have something at the end of it (About 8k for a good one)

    Am waking up a really old thread but its relevant to me right now.

    I am looking for a BMW 520d or 525d on lease for 2 years with 10k mileage pa. Does anyone know where the best place to get this from is ?


    tell your bmw dealer your price they will short it out as they want to sell them
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