Contract hire V PCP V Hire purchase on new Kia Sportage

Found 5th Jun 2014
Hey hukd world

I am looking at getting a bigger car to accomodate my 5 month old daughter. I would like a Kia Sportage (test drive yesterday was nice), was wondering if anyone had any advice on PCP v Contract hire as don't want to get stung on any small print or something I have missed. My budget is about £275 per month and could put £2500 upfront based on the value of my current car.

These seem the best deals at the moment:

PCP/ hire purchase: nationwide-cars.co.uk/car…asp
Contract hire: carleasespecialoffers.co.uk/quo…05/

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I am sure someone with personal experience of using these as opposed to my business experience will be well placed to give you help you.

What I would say is PCP and Contract hire can offer exceptional value, however you should be flexible on the model you want. EG: A class, A180 £149 +VAT is a decent deal for that car an Astra 1.7 CDTi is probably not.

One Kia deal you posted seem to be based on the Kia P11D valie of £17K you can buy that car for £15,693, you can probably arrange a loan for about £215 (inc VAT) a month. You can probably work in 3 yrs servicing in to the deal as well.
Why dont you buy new, see what is the cheapest price you can get it for and then get a loan from a P2P lending company like Zopa.

Contract hire and leasing is a good website to look too, everything changes monthly but deals get added every day too.

www.carwow.co.uk - put the spec you want to get through and see what sort of prices you get quoted, then take it to the local dealer to see if they will match it. It's worth putting a few different specs through for quotes, so try a mix of trim levels and extras you may be interested in as you may find a more expensive model due to depreciation on finance can be cheaper.

Also check with a dealers few dealers directly in your area for their best price
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