Contract is now up with three 3, but they wont give me a better than advertised deal,

    The LG Renoir is £30 + 500 minutes on their website, they offered me a special upgrade price of.... £30, same as advertised.
    The Nokia N96 £30 + 300 minutes on their website, they offered me a special upgrade price of ... £30,same as advertised.
    and so on.
    Is there anyway i can get a deal out of them?


    Say youve seen a slightly better deal somewhere else. but was wondering if they could match it or better it as you'd rather stay with the,, but try make it sound that you want to leave, not sure if that will help!

    Thats probably the best deals out there at the minute. Can't see many moblile providers beating that.

    ask for a pac code and dont use it. after 20 days or so they will phone you to offer a better deal.
    that's my experience, 18 month contract at 10 pounds/mo (mm300) plus what phone i forgot. i refused it so i dont remember the detail.
    good luck...

    Do 3 Have The Best Deal With The N95 8gb On 300 M/m?

    Ring and cancel the contract and make sure you get confirmation from them. Wait 2-3 weeks before the actual contract ends and they should ring you.
    I got offered a N96 with mix & match 300 for £25 per month/18 months contract.
    The customer service is terrible but you wont get a cheaper deal on the N96 anywhere else at the moment.
    Customer service reminds me of this...…tM8


    that is a £5 saving, thats not a bad start then.

    Good luck mate...took me 1 hour to cancel :thinking:
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