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ok so following from my question yesterday on contract phones, i've been having a look (i dont know if im just being thick but its my first contract phone, my husband has never trusted me with one before) ok so looking on some phones they are around £30.00 per month, but then it says 12 months half price line rental so does that mean in 12 months time my bill will be £60.00 because when i go into it as if i was going to purchase it it just says £30.00 there is no cost showing for line rental so im just rather confused, any help anyone? x



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ok so im not lookin at this particular one but i've seen a few that say the same kind of thing, its like the phones4u one near the bottom x

The Line Rental is - in effect - the (other) charge that you pay as well as your phone calls sweetie.

So, say you make no phone calls & send no text messages at all one month you would think that your bill would be zero. (This isn't likely but serves as an example) then you will only be charged (say) £7 as opposed to £14 for the Rental of the phone number (or line) .......

Any easier to understand now?

Basically the Line Rental is what you pay to be connected to the phone number.


ok yeah you pay £30 a month for the whole contract and claim after so many months for the money back for the half price line rental.

"18 Month Cheque Back Terms and Conditions

Receive fantastic cash backs at various points in your contract, designed to help you spread the cost of your bill and reduce the overall cost of having a mobile phone.

Simply send us your redemption forms for the below monthly bills, and we will send you 25% of the overall value at each cash back point. This ensures that over the 18 month period, you receive the 100% of the deal you signed up to.

To make redeeming your amounts even easier, we have now increased our redemption window to 60 days. So at month bills 9, 12, 15 and 18, you now have 60 days from each date to get your redemption form sent to us."

So cashback £180 overall

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ohhhh i see, thanks so much guys, you have been a great help!!! :-) x x


^^^^^ ROFL ^^^^ .....Confused dot com (cut and paste......)

sorry i was busy making breakfast :P could have put it in my own words but meh :]

golddigger, if this is your first contract phone & you decide to get it from a high street shop DO NOT sign anything until AFTER you have walked out of the shop, had a sit-down, and gone over what the contract will entail.

A lot of salespeople are there only to sell you a phone & make commission, not to sell you what you want/need. They will dress up their offer to make it sound like it's the best thing since sliced bread - it may well be (not all salespeople are bad), but don't take everything they say at face value. Tell them you will go away & think about it for a while.

If they tell you that "line rental is only £20" ask them if that is what you will pay each month, or do you pay more & then have to claim back some of the cost. Think about how long the contract will be for - do you want to be tied in to a contract for 2 years, or 18 months, or whatever?

Sorry if I'm causing you a headache, but I would hate for someone to get stung by a greedy salesperson.

I agree with the above. There are some very good deals with cashback and gifts but it is essential that you understand any contract.

If you use a shop ask about everything, there is no such thing as a dumb question.

If you buy from the internet read and reread the Ts&Cs to be sure what you are signing up for.

If you look carefully and take a little time to search you will be pleasantly surprised at what is available to canny shoppers.
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