Hi I was wondering wether anyone knew wether you can unlock a contract mobile phone and put the sim card into another phone on the same network?

    Many Thanks


    SIM cards can be used in any unlocked handsets, or handsets that are locked to the network providing the SIM, so you can definitely do this.

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    the handset im going to put the sim in is unlocked and i am already using the same pay as you go network but want to use the contract sim..but with the phone is it just a normal mobile or has it got somethink special as i want to get it unlocked

    I would say if the handset is unlocked, then generally speaking you should be good to go with the contract sim. Unlocking basically means freeing up the handset to use with most networks, whether its PAYG or contract.

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok thank you i got you now lol

    thats ok then i can get it unlocked now
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