contract no cashback


    my mate got his phone stolen and is looking to do a contract but without cashback.
    The handset could be anything decent and solid.normal camera nothing fancy.
    300mins X time X network
    min. txt- doesnt matter if there arent any
    for the networrk anything that allows you to use 07744 included in the mins

    If anyone got any idea where i could find that please reply back.
    Thank yoou


    Three are the only people doing half price/reduced rental actually charged (ie without cashback)

    With those conditions that leaves only Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and Orange he's not a heavy user by the sounds of it meaning he's crippling himself with no cashback, 300mins usually on £30/month minimum contract.

    He could get say a highly desireable phone with the contract so its easy to sell and flog it on ebay and use rest to credit the contract account and buy a budget to mid range phone.


    get one of these contracts with a gift package, its only 1 redemption request after 28days usually, normally its an xbox 360 or a psp or similar, not as good as cashback, but nice to have nonetheless.

    [url][/url] and [url][/url] have 360s with contracts

    Hi mate,

    As Schizoboy mentioned, if your friend is unwilling to do cashback, then three is the only place who offer discounted rates but i'd personally opt for the free xbox 360 if i had a choice.

    To be completely honest, there isn't any point getting a contract with 300 mins, as it's almost the same price as T-mobile pay as you go without the need of a long term commitment, so it's worth considering O2, who offer the K800I phone with 1000 anytime crossnetwork minutes and 150 texts for £35 a month.
    Also if he's a James Bond fan, it's worth considering the newer silver model which is the official phone for the new film plus you'll receive free goodies such as bond screensavers, wallpapers and even a free James Bond dvd boxset

    Here's the link if you're interested:…ver

    Hope you found that helpful mate..

    P.S If you order it through O2 via quidco, you'll also receive an additional £35, which will cover a full month of the contract

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