contract on 3 network advice pleazzzzzzzzzzzz

    Hey there

    Err i had a mobile contract with the 3 network 12months the contract came up for renual renewal and they offered me a LG KC910 Renoir i took the contract 18months but decided that i didn't want it as i wanted a apple Iphone well my brother asked about the Renoir so i rang up 3 and they said that he could take over the contract if the credit check came back ok super it came back ok and after a month or so the contract wasn't in my name in my brothers name well the phone started going wrong speaker and touch screen started crashing so he sent it off to get rapaired it came back after 2 weeks and started going wrong again he sent it off again 3weeks later it came back and after 1week it is going bad again he rang up and said book it in again my brother said i have had enough and they sent a new phone renoir to him and this going bad again so he rang up again lol and they said they will send him another phone off his choice but he will have to enter into another 6months contract on top off the 18month they said coz he got the phone from me and the contract was trasfured into his name. i asked him what his tearms and conditions said and he said a few days after the contract went into his name he would get em but he has nothing he has sighned nothing

    can some 1 help him please as he just has enough off they and wants out off it all

    thank u for your replys


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    please is there any 1 to help me on this

    i know the spelling and punctuation is not there sorry

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    thank u for your reply

    but what can they do about sending the phone off getting repaird and that there must be some sort off limit???

    Most networks will offer you a dmr (different model replacement) IF the phone has the SAME FAULT 3 times, but it has to be the same fault.
    3 T&C's will be on their website.
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