Contract Period

If I take a mobile contact out over say 18 months through a phone provider that offers a free gift, can I at any point over the contract period downgrade the tarriff?

Anyone experienced this?


maybe, maybe not. i wouldnt play with mobile phone companies though . Youl pay more in the end regardless

Yes you can, but it depends on the network. some after 9 months some after 12 months. but definately yes.

vodafone let you change after 9 mths and you get £100 quidco,got the n95 on £35 and im going to change after the 9 mths,they were also giving 3 mths half price

Yeah i think you can

Depends who you are with as to how much you can downgrade though. Orange only let you reduce your tariff once for the term of the contract and only then to the level below the one you are on (as I found out to my dismay)

I know with 3 they let you change after 6 months and you can lower your tarrif by £5 a time once a month


Yeah i think you can

your picture disturbs me i see it everytime i view a post :thinking:


your picture disturbs me i see it everytime i view a post :thinking:

Yeah I know, I think the guy's up to something. every single post, man on a mission:?
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