Contract Phone - Advice please!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Navy"]I am looking to purchase a contract phone. Please can I have some advise on the deals out there? Basically, I would like free minutes, free texts, bluetooth, video and camera. Pretty much everything :prop: :prop: Your advise will be much appreciated![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]


    WOW, you don't want much do you!!!!!!
    This is a very good thread by HUKD's very own Mobile phone Duck:-

    What Network do you prefer?
    What mobile takes your fancy? Slide, flip or brick?
    How many free minutes?
    How many texts?

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    A flip would be better as I am use to that. Most of my family are on O2 so it would help to stick to that network so it is cheaper for them to phone me I am not a excessive talker but I do travel alot so the more free minutes the better. Free minutes and more important than free texts. Thanks for your help - much appreciated!

    O2 have clamped down on 12month free rental deals.
    But alot are about which are 11months, quidco pays for that 12th month anyways.

    Best 2 I can find that is flip (several 11month frees on more basic block phones) Motorola W220 Silver from e2save £36.50 quidco:

    O2 400/100 £89.90 term cost
    O2 500/100 £160.00 term cost

    or clearance SE W300i O2 500/100 £138 term cost

    All cashback

    After 12months:

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    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Navy"]Thanks for that. Like I said in my original post I would also like bluetooth. I do a lot of miles on the road and was thinking it would be much safer and I don't want no fine! if I get an headset. I am not very technical but here is my top 5 hopes:

    [*]Free minutes
    [*]Something slinky

    Ta muchly :-D[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


    You need to specify whats more important as many free months free via cashback or a nicer phone.

    99% of phones now have bluetooth, all tariffs have free mins now, video/camera is all standard just the spec varies

    You already on o2 contract?

    Monthly Charge £35
    Contract length 12 months
    400 mins
    500 texts
    1.0MB browse and download

    and this phone free…RZR

    i use ] to find the cheapest mobile deals.....

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    Thanks for the info. I have enough now to choose a 'dream phone' :thumbsup:
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