Contract Phone - help needed please!!!!!!!! thank you

Found 5th Jul 2008
ok ok so i have now done some research and now need a push in the right direction.

So im still not quite sure where to get the contracts from so i have decided to get one with a phone with it sooo here is wht i am looking for:

Would preferr 12 mths, and would would want more txts than minutes.

I would also want a middle range to high range phone.

Dont mind what network.

I only have £20 a mth to spen so would this be possiable?

I have no experince of cash back schemes or quico so i really am a newbie so any help is appreacatied.



theres that 02 Simplicity Sim only contract and i think t-mobile have got know but i havent seen many i was after one too some time back but didnt find one

Quidco are giving £130 cashback on vodafone so its worth joining up…ne/

Although the 1100 mins or texts from three is a good deal for £20 a month with £62.50 cashback through quidco.

Also if you put a 3 phone number in the recommend a friend offer you get £30 credit on your bill and so does your friend…le/

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thks guys

so has anyone got any links to some phones then please?

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