Contract smartphone - Android, not redemption

    Hi there - managed to stamp on my ancient PAYG Nokia e50 (yup, that lasted a while )

    so.... looking for a high end android smartphone contract at a low end price. ideally desire/desire hd/nexus s/maybe galaxy s. My usage outside of web is tiny, so 100 mins/100 texts is more than enough - but ideally at least 1GB web. (4hrs of commuting a day, need to kill the time somehow).

    quidco/tcb always a bonus. Don't care if I need to pay most up front as long as the initial cost + (rental x contract length) is as low as we can find. I probably don't have the time to deal with redemptions unless the deal's already good before the redemption.

    if there's nothing great I'll grab a cheapo phone from somewhere for a month or so until there is.

    Unless it's significantly cheaper than an android phone, which I highly doubt, I'm not interested in iPhones etc.

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    hi there, heres some good deals, hope it helps…tml
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