Control Panel Faceplate needed for HP Photosmart 3110

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Found 13th Jan 2008
A bit cheeky this but does anyone have a Control Panel faceplate for a 3100 series HP Photosmart printer? I bought an ex-display unit today from Staples for £10 with a full set of ink cartridges but the faceplate was missing. He told me it was sold as seen but the faceplate was just cosmetic. However, this is not true and the printer will not operate without it. Condition is irrelevant here as there seems to be a little 6 pin connector that seems to connect to the panel behind-that is all I need.

A long shot maybe but HP seem to be no help and I cannot find a spare part number anywhere on the net. So, if you have one, maybe a faulty unit, wold you consider selling the faceplate? Bear in mind this is a PS 3110 not a C3110 for which HP can supply the part.




Give me the model number on the back and I should be able to find a part for you

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Cheers for that, I have tried every source I can on the net and I keep geting the panel overlay for the C3110 which is jus a piece of screen printed clear plastic; this is a rectangular piece about 10" wide and 3" tall with a big square hole in the middle for the LCD screen.

My Printer is labelled as a Photosmart 3100 series (receipt says 3110) and the part number is Q5831A.
Apart from the serial that is all I can find. If you can find a part I would be very grateful. Are you just good at this sort of thing or do you work in this area?

EDIT: Just rang Staples and he said I would get a part under warranty for this and that HP had changed the code numbers for a lot of machines. Maybe this is why it is difficult to get a part.

And the part number; Q8163-60001 is the one quoted for the C3110

Looks like you found it.…=10

Yes I do work in this area. I have been supporting HP printers for a number of years and have had to order many parts over that time

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Perhaps I was not clear stora, that part is for the C3110 printer not the photosmart 3110. It is nothing like the part I need. The lady at HP already gave me that part number but it is for a different machine. I need a control Panel Faceplate which is quite a big piece of plastic with a six pin connector on the back of the right hand side that locks into the control panel and has a large square hole in the middle for the LCD screen to fit through.

This is the C3110:…en&

while this is my machine, the Photosmart 3110:…en&

I really appreciate your help on this one but I simply cannot find this part anywhere and the one at partsurfer is just a silk screen printed overlay not a solid plastic faceplate.
I will be very impressed if you find a part number for this. Also, that part number is not orderable anyway, it just lets you add it to your basket before saying it can't be ordered.

Here is a bigger picture of the 3210, which seems to have an identical control panel faceplate:…jpg

I've not found anything at all on this printer.

HP could only give me the UK helpline number 0870 010 4320 open Mon - Friday.

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My problem's a nightmare trying to find anything but thanks for trying all the same.
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