conveinient (travel only) to disneyland paris

Found 1st Oct 2007

I have booked tickets for disneyland paris on the 21st-24th October.

2 Adults, 1 5yrold Child

I put in the dates for travel from London on the eurostar website and:


...Should I just bite the bullet now? I am getting nagged by the oh to sort out the travel!

But £434!!! ...I just tried phoning the eurostar website to see about booking to paris only, but it only saves about £20 - then there would be additional costs of french travel.

What about the ferries? Of course this would be hassel, sorting french transport too.

I looked at some cheap flights, and they were not much better... But I keep hearing of people here getting up there for next to nothing? ...Mind you, this will be half-term holiday and I don't drive... But still, £434!!! I could buy a car and rent a boat for that much!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. We have a 2 hour train journey to london in the morning first.

P.P.S. I think I can save £50 on eurostar prices using tescos clubcard vouchers or something, but apparantly that DOES NOT include disneyland journeys - and for the minimal saving of traveling to paris, I think it's still not worth it.
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A ]coach from your home town should not be much more than £160 return.
Thanks very much - I'd like to go by coach and your right it is about £160, but looking at the times available and taking into account the 13 hour travel time - I think we will have to try for a quicker option - afterall I would save £270 but also trade a day of disneyland for a day on the coach!

But bloody hell!! ...I'm going to find it hard to accept that eurostar price!
Have you thought about getting a cheap flight to Paris and then travelling on the RER to Marne La Vallee (EuroDisney)? If there are no cheap flights you could use airmiles if you collect them. That's how we go if we don't drive.

If you decide to travel by Calais the link below is for the German railways (I know it sounds stupid) but it's in English and is helpful in working out timetables and connections etc. for all European railway systems.


Or you can use the RAPT website, which I think you can find prices and book online?


Hope it helps:thumbsup:
Thank you, i haven't booked yet and will look into those.
i have got 3 flights in december via easy jet for 2 adults and a 3year old for 106 rturn from luton to cdg, you then get the vea bus for 16 euros return (approx) and it takes you to the disney hotels on site so you could get off at any one if you go on the vea website i had to google it it will give you all the info, this is what we did in july and it was really easy and thats what we are doing again december
Thanks for all the help... In the end the tickets I was going to get were selling out fast and it was not possible for all of us to sit together.

So in a bit of a panic, I phoned eurostar this morning - and also asked how I could make the journey any cheaper. I ended up buying eurostar tickets, except we have to change at Lille - but we do save £100 making the price £334.

Thats still a lot more than I wanted to pay and I know it could have been done a lot cheaper - But I suppose I have left it a bit late - I couldn't find cheap flights, like yours keli, at all!
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