Convenience Store Shopping

    A man walks into a convenience store to buy shaving cream, he asks the clerk where to find it; he replies Isle 3.

    The man retrieves the cream walks to the counter to pay for it when the clerk asks him What kind of razor do you have? The man replies What does it matter what kind of razor I have?

    The clerk simply says, Well sometimes different creams work better with certain razors

    Annoyed, the man shrugs him off, pays & leaves.

    A few days later he returns to the store for Toothpaste, again the clerk asks him what kind of toothbrush he uses again the man replies what does it matter some toothpastes work better with certain toothbrushes.

    That next week the man enters the store with a box in his hand.

    The clerks questions the box, the man says to take a whiff; he does That smells like sh**! exclaims the clerk

    Exactly! says the man..

    Now what kind of toilet paper should I use?!


    lol good one

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    I am booted too:w00t:
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