Conversations between Father & Teenage Son JEFF ALLEN COMEDIAN

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Found 28th Aug 2008
I got to tell you man, I've been blessed with teenagers.

Here's a typically conversation I had with my 18 year old, last August before school starts he comes to me and says I think I'm old enough to buy my own school clothes. I thought about it and said, You know I think you're right Then we stare at each other for a minute. He says whoa, so I said whoa This is an actual conversation, I'm doing it from memory, I didn't even have to write it down! Then he says I need some money, like I'm a moron and missed something. I say Thought you wanted to buy your clothes not just go to the mall and pick em out. He says Whatever. That's the word, everytime I hear it I want to just bonk him right in the eyes. So I give him the money and send him off to the mall but the deal is he has to show me what he bought.

Now he comes out modelling the jeans he bought. His underwear is up here somewhere his pants are sagging down there and they don't walk anymore, they waddle. You know how you come out of the bathroom looking for toilet paper, that's how they walk. So he says What do you think pops? I said, Oh I'm so glad you asked, we're going back to the mall snoop droppy draws, that's what I think.

Trust me I believe teenagers are Gods revenge on mankind; it's as if God Himself looked down and said Hey lets see how they like it to create someone in their own image who denies their existence. Because I have looked, no where in the Bible does it mention how old satan was when he rejected Gods authority, my guess it'd be 18.

I'm telling you, he caught me in the hallway about a month back and he says to meHey I need your opinion on something. I say, What is it? I don't know if I should get my tongue pierced. I said You don't know? I'm glad you came to me, I'll help clear this up pretty quick. Why don't you lay your tongue on the table and I'll whack it with a hammer, how's that? So he looks at me and says, That would be a no right? Thats not fair. I said, Whatever.



Funny :-)

found that a lil boring to be honest..
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