Convert eufy 11S Max to mopping robot

Posted 30th Oct
Not sure if it is going to be useful to someone but will share it nevertheless...

Recently I bought eufy 11S Max robot vacuum cleaner from Amazon Warehouse for a whopping 51 quid. It works OK but as I wanted mopping robot in the first instance, I started investigating how to force it to become one.

The real manufacturer to eufy is Chinese iLife (they are ODM manufacturer for many "brands", including eufy, Coredy, Ecovacs and some others. As some of their models got mopping function, I was curious if I could convert 11S Max to mopping robot.

Then I found on Amazon this kit for Coredy:…BW/

I bought it and it fits perfectly well! Right now my eufy is mopping floors in the kitchen.All in all, 75 quid for a mopping robot vacuum isn't bad.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for wet floors or destroyed vacuum - if you follow my steps, do it at your own risk
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Interesting - I wonder how common it is for one OEM to sell under many names. I recently read that one of my vacs, a Ziglint D5 is the same as a Neatsvor X500, which has a mopping function, so I can do exactly what you've done and but a water/mop dust container.

How good is the mopping function? I've always thought it would be as good as dragging a damp rag over a floor, not sure if there would be enough pressure?
The mopping function is exactly as you described it - dragging a wet rag. It does manage to clean foot prints though but it takes an hour or so.
The water tank doubles as a dirt bag but without filter.

If you get the water tank, check that it got the right fitting as they are different.
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