Convert Monese Vouchers to Steam Vouchers

Posted 19th Dec 2022
so I planned on buying a steam deck with my monese vouchers this round. unfortunately just about everywhere I had checked previously is out of steam vouchers. the only place I can find where it may work is in smyths.

anybody know anyway that I can convert these monese vouchers into smyths ones. can't really find anywhere that sells them. I notice that multi gift cards like all4one etc don't appear to have them in this country. can only see them on the Irish site.

anybody got any suggestions?

or anyone know of a place that stocks Smyth's gift vouchers, that isn't Smyth's?
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    Your best bet may be to get a prepaid mastercard at a supermarket using the Monese but you'll lose a certain %
    i had a look for these in asda and tesco, as someone mentioned this on reddit or something. said they bought one in argos, but i cant see them in there either.
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    It's the week before Christmas, the voucher racks at my local supermarkets have been stripped bare. Can you wait until just after Christmas, I suspect things will be easier to get then.
    supermarkets dont sell them. not any of the ones i have checked over the past 4 months
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    I never used monese but doesn't monese do Curry's? I have used love2shop in past to buy gift cards at Curry's.
    Out of stock at Currys
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    Just got the card at Currys.

    Happy days. 20% off steam deck
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