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    Does anyone know what I would need to be able to connect a vhs player to my pc so I can store my old tapes digitally? seem to remember seeing a little gadget in PC world once, but cant for the life of me remember what it was called. thanks in advance


    There was a usb video on the gadget show this week....There are cheaper alternatives, but that would sort you out for less than 100 quid

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    thanks, any idea what it was called?

    Ion Vcr 2 Pc Videotape Converter

    all you need is one of these mate :thumbsup:…123

    or anything similar.......

    You could easily do it with a video capture card, your pc may already have one.

    Evilbay 220421881623 - £110 delivered :thumbsup:

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    awesome,. thanks to all for being so quick:) added rep:)


    all you need is one of these mate … all you need is one of these mate :thumbsup: anything similar.......

    That's your best bet, I have a similar thing (but it's not a cheap one like that) and they're pretty good you can record from anything which can output via s video or AV on my one.

    The EASIEST way to do this is to hook up your VHS player to your DVD recorder (tv based) and then just press Play on the VHS player and Record on the DVD recorder.

    That way you get a copy of the VHS tape in digital format on DVD.

    IF you then want to get the digital image on to your PC to maybe edit it then just put the DVD disk in the PC and "rip" the data off the DVD disk onto the hard disk.

    The good thing about this is that you have a "copy" of the VHS tape on DVD before you start doing any editing or whatever.

    Note that video takes up a lot of room on your hard disk so make sure you have plenty of spare hard disk capacity.

    Thanks useful for me too
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