Converting Itunes/AudioBooks to MP3?

Just downloaded Michael McIntyres Book for listening purposes whilst in the car, but its downloaded into Itunes (.aa file)

Anyway I can convert into MP3 and/or CD format


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tried FF and that other one and it dont like it! :-( Audiobook is in file format .AA yet it aint working

looks as thou it'll only let me play in itoones?
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The .aa file fomat is an audio book file format that is usually already encoded in MP3 so no converrsion of the CODEC is necessary. The problem you have is the container and the .aa extension is a container that wraps MP3 encoded streams and more importantly, DRM protection.

Now, I cannot advise you on how to remove the DRM protection for obvious reasons but I know of methods to play back .aa files through a driver which sends the outputted stream to a new MP3 file. Darius Media Converter or DRMBuster installs a virtual driver which sits intercepts the media before it forwards it to video and sound drivers. During the interception, as well as sending the stream to the video card and/or sound chip it also sends an identical stream to be encoded to another format or to the same format but DRM is not included in this stream. There may be a handful of other similar applications all performing similar functionality.
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